GC22Y57: Steps to Sinton – Colorado

Here we are with 9 finds under our belt and a fast growing following within the house hold.  Before I know it everyone’s gonna be hunting around with little computers in their hands and I’m gonna loose out.  It’s time I take the next step.  Hiding one of these little buggers.

It’s not hard, there are rules, kind of… really there are only a couple and they’re really straight forward.  But, alas I forgot to read them all carefully.  AND we placed our too close to another cache, though I do say our’s is a much better cache.  In fact, YOU be the judge.  Below are two spoiler photos.  You tell me which one is cooler.. I won’t tell you which one is mine.

Cache 1 Or       Cache 2

Okay.  Now that you’ve got that all figured out, here are the facts you need:

Here it is online @ Geocaching.com

(this cache will likely never be published because of it’s proximity to another cache, so consider it a Secret Cache!)


Find it on your own with the coordinates:

N 38° 53.009 W 104° 50.034


And Of Course, Here’s A Spoiler Photo