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  • Xiamen

    Today’s ride was 50 km out of Chongwu along the coast. It was quiet, sunny, beautiful.. well, better than no coast, and a wonderful ride to ‘end’ with. Into Quanzhou we hopped a bus and went straight to Xiamen. In Xiamen we shipped our bikess, via rail to Shenzhen and called up our couch surfing […]

  • Single Engine Diesel

    A single engine diesel is all that moved the cars from Boston to D.C. Seven cars in total.. but I didn’t really count, just guessed. Seven is a good number for train cars and dice. Just one diesel though and a cafe car, that’s where I chose to sit. There I’ve got power, electric power, […]

  • Destination Nowhere

    Destination Nowhere

    Nowhere seemed to be the theme after I arrived in Boston. Julia and Chris put me up for the night and then went off to sail in the morning. Their last day until school started. I began to walk. I have never been to Boston. I wanted to know where they served tea, but I […]

  • Chicago – Albany – Boston

    Chicago. No one is from this city, but everyone visits. Tourists everywhere, people everywhere, no one knows where to get a good meal. Even a hostess doesn’t hasn’t lived here, and she lives here. We stop at the library. There’s a wedding. We’d like to crash it, but the doorman is from here. He gives […]

  • I Got Ahead of Myself

    Let me back up a minute. Where did I start… Tucson: August 28th, 1 AM Hotel Congress: Kira, Chad, and I gulp down the last of our drinks and walk across to the train station. I board, stow my gear, and promptly fall asleep. The G/T was stiff, the long island more so. I’m the […]