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  • UA Tunnels – Getting In

    This is perhaps the most daunting & troublesome aspect of almost any urban spelunking, Getting In. For the UA tunnel system, it’s not different. When ever entering a facility or location, always consider three things: Your Entrance, The Security, & Your Exit. The Tunnel Entrance: Tunnels have two types of access points – above ground […]

  • UA Tunnels – Touring

    Touring through the tunnels. For your first time or out of habit. Getting around the UA tunnel system can be great fun! But while you’re down there I suggest being prepared and preparing the new-bees that may be accompanying you. But first let’s look at basic security. The UA tunnels have security. If things are […]

  • UA Tunnels – An Introduction

    The University of Arizona – like many universities and campuses in general – have a tunnel system designed to carry the power, water, and telecom from their respective power, cooling, heating, and communication plants about the campus. These tunnels are accessible to maintenance personal on campus, and are often time accessible to urban spelunkers too, […]