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  • Super Cool Climbing/SAR Belt

    Super Cool Climbing/SAR Belt

    Well.. I’m kind of bias. But you should check out the details here: UrbanSpelunking.org

  • Urban Exploring – by Old Friends

    I recently stumbled across an old inspirational site written some many years ago by a family friend.  Click on the link and visit his site.  (I have reproduced the text of the site and three photos in case at some point the UC system deletes this valuable site.  Cheers! All below is Copyright © 2000 by Tobin Fricke http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~fricke/undercal/ […]

  • Links of interest

    In a quick search I found two sites to contain a host of locations I’d enjoy visiting. Let me know if you decide to go! http://www.communitywalk.com/azurbanex and http://www.uer.ca Let me know if you’ve got any other good sites.

  • Actual Spelunking – Pepper Sauce Canyon – Tucson, AZ

    Acutal (not urban) Spelunking – in a cave, a very dark cave.. dark cave with wet water – and that smell.. pleasent, get on all fours smell. John, Chris, Amber, Matt – in the cave, it’s the mud that’s got us acting weird… I swear. Though it was clear some folks enjoyed the cave for […]

  • Farmer John’s Meat Packing Plant – Tucson

    Old plant for cows to = burger, this place is now a mess of graffiti, garbage, and vacancy. Coupled with some wind and animals, this place has the makings for one wicked scarry night. Along the North wall the road is somewhat untraveled and easy to park along. The train drives right by, so noise […]

  • The Muse – Downtown Tucson

    It’s demolished now. The end of a period and a clear sign of consumption, “Just knock it down and throw it away. We’ll make a new one.” This building, to my untrained eye, was just as good as any old school or community center. Perhaps with a bit of help it could have stuck around. […]

  • UA Tunnels – Getting In

    This is perhaps the most daunting & troublesome aspect of almost any urban spelunking, Getting In. For the UA tunnel system, it’s not different. When ever entering a facility or location, always consider three things: Your Entrance, The Security, & Your Exit. The Tunnel Entrance: Tunnels have two types of access points – above ground […]

  • UA Tunnels – Touring

    Touring through the tunnels. For your first time or out of habit. Getting around the UA tunnel system can be great fun! But while you’re down there I suggest being prepared and preparing the new-bees that may be accompanying you. But first let’s look at basic security. The UA tunnels have security. If things are […]

  • UA Tunnels – An Introduction

    The University of Arizona – like many universities and campuses in general – have a tunnel system designed to carry the power, water, and telecom from their respective power, cooling, heating, and communication plants about the campus. These tunnels are accessible to maintenance personal on campus, and are often time accessible to urban spelunkers too, […]

  • Firsty

    I recently spent some time looking online for some places to explore here in Tucson – abandoned buildings, tunnels, stadiums, farm houses, etc. etc. [This will be referred to ‘urban spelunking’ for those of you not familiar with the term] To my dismay the only report I found online (this could be attributed to my […]