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  • More R&D – and a website

    More R&D – and a website

    We’ve had to make some changes to our design and materials and are at a temporary manufacturing standstill until we perfect our process. However, we’ve put up a website and will conduct the remainder of communication via it. Thanks! John www.boojumboards.com  

  • Epoxy – nada mas

    Epoxy – nada mas

    Thursday, January 25, 2007 Using the last of the epoxy we finished all six boards and set them up to dry. We’ll see how these cure, the last batch cured within 24 hours. I hope/expect the same from this third time around. We purchased some fine sand paper today and are ready to finish up…

  • Epoxy – Second Round

    Epoxy – Second Round

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007 Yesterday I sanded the last plank down and prepared it for shaping. Early this morning I put together some 2×4’s and built a drying rack. After classes I came home and cut the sixth board into it’s symmetrical egg/oval shape. Then shaped it and cleaned it up. Drilled all three NEW…

  • Two More Blanks Cut and Done

    Two More Blanks Cut and Done

    Monday – January 22, 2007 Put the sign up early this morning and went to school. After lunch we started up again for the day, released our plank from yesterday, cut off the excess and began to press that together for our next board. Jon came to work today. So that’s good. Once this plank…

  • Second Set… while we wait

    Second Set… while we wait

    Purchased a new set of wood to laminate together. Maple-Redwood-Purple Heart-Maple-Purple Heart-Redwood-Maple Glued, Clamped, and Now Set. —- The Resin on our first set is still tacky – we’re very curious to find out the final dry time for this stuff… as it’s been almost 48 hours. We made our shop sign today. Tomorrow, after…

  • Errands and Enthusiasm

    Errands and Enthusiasm

    We hopped into the car and made a list of needs. First on the list was hardware: trucks, barrings, wheels, grip tape, and risers. Second on the list was more wood of course! Third was resin, or sealant, or something to protect the wood. Fourth, which quickly turned into First, was breakfast. And Fifth was…

  • From One Comes Three

    From One Comes Three

    I couldn’t sleep that night. I woke up at 5, 6, 6:30, 7, 7:30, and finally got out of the shower by 8:00 AM. The sun was already out and it was important that I continued the momentum of the previous night. I pulled out the jig and the sander and plugged in. The first…

  • First Blank

    First Blank

    Same night, we continue on. The jig saw started to cut. Will and I were anxious… was this the next step? Had we forgotten something? Oh lord I hope not. Now we’re committed, now we’ve done it, now there… now we’ve got two pieces. Oh that’s not good. That side looks good. That side needs…

  • Lesson Learned.

    Lesson Learned.

    The following night I found myself in possession of a brand new $90 belt sander. It was necessary to get the job done. A Makita, I felt like it was something I could trust…I wasn’t, but that comes later. The wood I had purchased was irregular and therefore when sitting flush on one side, it…

  • 4" Surfboards -> 22" Skateboards

    4" Surfboards -> 22" Skateboards

    I was eager to continue on, so I did. January 17th, 2007 I threw in the towel and spent roughly $80. Wood ran about $35 and four clamps cost about $45. I felt like I’d sunk all my resources into this and so it had better turn out. I laid the wood out and pulled…