This stuff is TERRIBLE


Friday it all came out – people came by, I served them little drinks in dixie-cups.

It was watery with the taste of subtle sweetness and overwhelming taste of vinegar. I don’t think there was much alcohol in it.

I’m not really disappointed. Glad to know. Next time more sugar and what else? Fruit would have probably helped.

Tank Time

It’s been in the tank now almost four months.

The Tank:
It’s a used gas tank – I mean gently used, or or two fills before I took it over. But nonetheless, it still stunk of petrol. I contest that it adds to the overall experience and authentic flavor of the booze. The tank has a hole in it and out comes a tube with a loop and filled with water – it’s just a gas pressure valve. CO2 can escape, but nothing can get in. Otherwise, it’s sealed tight and kept quiet.

The Time:
After I filled it with sugar water and yeast I sealed it up and put it under the fooseball table. I opened it once about a month in to fill it with Honey and then about a month ago to test it. Otherwise, it has not been disturbed. Now we’re four months in and aside from time, not a lot has been invested.

However, after a short discussion with a friend last night, I think we’re ready to try it out. Perhaps on it’s true four month anniversary we’ll have a party. (December 5th, 5PM, Here we’ll drink)

To Begin.

Well. I knew the ingredients that Hans used, so I picked them up.

Boiled the panella (brown sugar) into a syrup and began to think. Perhaps I should get some better info before starting such a task. I found that E.C. Kraus gives some really good info on basics.
However, I didn’t take any of the advice and began to experiment.
Now we’re cookin.

Here is 15 min after adding yeast.

Here is a few hours after adding yeast to a diluted solution.

Beginnings all come from somewhere.

Like many of these cockamamie ideas, this one too came from traveling. From Ecuador. From the farm and Mr. Hans, the German squatter exile. The seed was sewn and began to germinate as we left the farm in Ecuador. In leaving we said good bye to our good friend Hans and purchased some trinkets from him and he invited us in and offered us some ‘good wine.’ It came from a small tank sitting on his floor with a single tube extruding from it. He poured it out and said, “it’s a little early, but it will have to do. It is fine wine.” We sipped it, and really, truely enjoyed it. It was great comparted to the gasoline canye and Pilsiner we had been drinking. Thus after a short tour of how it’s made I was set. It will be done.

Many years have passsed since we left there and many things have been done in the mean time, the Palapa built, school attended, live lived, sailing, motorcycles, water harvesting, the house.. now, finally now, it is time to buid some booze and here you may watch as it unfolds into horror and joy.

-John – Brewmaster – BrotherJohn’s Boojum Booze Factory.