• Rescaling GrammerBev’s Old Knife

    Rescaling GrammerBev’s Old Knife

    During a visit home, just before the 2015 new year, I was summoned by my mother into the hallway of my grandmothers house. Lots of interesting artifacts and memorabilia hang on the walls in this hallway and I was curious if there was a new addition I was to inspect, or perhaps an interesting anecdote […]

  • SAR: The Forrest of Nicene Marks, Santa Cruz, CA

    SAR: The Forrest of Nicene Marks, Santa Cruz, CA

    Hi PoppaBob. Since we don’t usually get a lot of positive news from our search and rescue endeavors, I thought we’d share our morning hike with y’all which, SPOILER ALERT, ended with everyone home safe. Kira and I enjoyed a 4 AM phone call this morning for Search and Rescue which meant Kira had to […]

  • Sailing in January

    Sailing in January

    The racing was great. I published the review on

  • 3D Printing Endeavors

    3D Printing Endeavors

    I recently printed up a new part for my Honda Metropolitan scooter (Thanks to Nate for lending his resources). Works great and looks – pretty good.

  • Ankle Injury

    Ankle Injury

    This is a new ‘category’ for me to be writing in, “Injuries” seemed like the best way to keep this piece squared away and would serve as a nice medical history.  Who knows what will come next. As for the ankle, turns out one bad step doing something totally un-exciting and I’m out of the game […]

  • Cross Country Skiing Tahoe

    Cross Country Skiing Tahoe

    Just for fun.. we skied out the back door and into the woods from our lovely apartment arrangements in Tahoe this weekend. We also enjoyed some snow shoeing too.

  • Climbing Boy Scout Rocks

    Climbing Boy Scout Rocks

    We enjoyed a healthy number of climbs on the Mt. Diablo rocks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many photos, save this one of Andrew all dressed up to play Ultimate.

  • The Holidays

    The Holidays